Notice on the List of &quotHidden&quot Tokens of Huobi Global

 New Listings    |      2019-05-30

Huobi Global is committed to promoting the healthy development of the blockchain industry and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of investors, according to the "Token Administration Regulations of Huobi": For those who meet the "hiding" standards set out in Chapter IV, Article 18, we will hide the tokens.

Based on this, Huobi Global will "hide" the following tokens on May, 29, 2019 (GMT+8):

After the trading pairs of project teams' tokens are hidden, Huobi stops their deposit, which does not affect the user's possession and withdrawal of the tokens. Users can still find the trading pairs through searching. However, the trading pairs of the tokens will not be displayed in the trading page and “Top Performances” page.

For the complete "Token Administration Regulations of Huobi", please click here: https://huobiglobal.zendesk.com

Thank you for your support. We will continue to work to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the digital asset industry.

Huobi Global
May, 29, 2019