Gold Fever (NGL) Introduction

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Gold Fever is a multiplayer survival strategy game, featuring real-time combat engines, AAA graphics, and a rich map. 

The game integrates blockchain technology to enable an unparalleled player economy where the in-game currency is a utility and map resources, player items, and privileged rights are NFTs.


Players begin the game with a custom character and a set of basic items to extract resources and combat map NPCs. They build up their in-game levels through combat, craftsmanship, and other means of living off the land. 

Progressing their character's skills increases their odds of succeeding at the game's true goal: plundering gold as an adventurer or successfully defending against attacks as a native. 

Players can adopt specialized roles among each of the two key character types. Some may become merchants while others may become combat-focused or achievement-driven. 

The unique game economy also enables another form of game participant, and that is the asset owner. Anyone can benefit from the game's economics by acquiring assets (like planes, horses, boats, etc.) and leasing them via NPC or player labor, buy mining rights and lease access, lend in-game assets or gold (utility tokens), and more. Through this, the game enables the first metaverse DeFi.


Watch the live gameplay: 

Token distribution and lock-in:

● Project timeline:

Q1, 2020: Completed Ideation and core team building

Q3, 2020: Completed whitepaper, company media, and seed funding

Q2 2021: Completed game mechanics and developed game play, characters, map functions, and private funding 

Q4, 2021: Completed accessible beta testing, token liquidity, crypto integration, and aesthetic NFT sale

Q1, 2022 onwards: Sale of land rights and key transportation, launch of quests, economy activated, map expansion, lore expansion, integration of mini-games, onboarding celebrities as NFT game characters, and more


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