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I. Project Introduction

Founded in late 2019, Sperax is a global technology firm building modern money with blockchain technology. It is building a DeFi ecosystem with a suite of various products. SPA token will serve as the governance token for Sperax’s full suite of Defi products. 

Sperax is currently in the process of launching Sperax USD (USDs), which is a hybrid yield-bearing stablecoin. USDs is partially collateralized and partially backed by the protocol's ability to mint SPA when redeeming USDs. This allows USDs to operate like DAI during market contraction and UST during market expansion. In the meantime, the team is also working on a few other Defi products, including Sperax Synthetic assets and Derivatives. Sperax Play (will be rebranded to Spark) is a mobile crypto hub that has acquired more than 600K users so far.

Sperax is poised for further growth on the mission to deliver financial freedom with the power of blockchain technology.

II. Token Information

1) Token Basic Information 

  • Token symbol: SPA
  • Total token amount: 5 billion
  • Price of tokens in private sell and public sell rounds: $0.014 - $0.02 
  • TGE date: August 2020

2) Token Distribution and Release Schedule 

Category Share of Total Supply Release schedule
Reserve 30% 2 year linear
Partner 20% N/A
Private Sale 15% 1 year linear
Ecosystem 10% 1 year linear
Bootstrap liquidity 10% N/A
Team & Advisor 10% 6 month cliff; 2 year linear
Public Sale 5% Release on TGEAugust, 2020
Total 100% /

III. Related Links

Official Website:


Contract Address: 0xb4a3b0faf0ab53df58001804dda5bfc6a3d59008



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