Having problems with your deposit?

 Trading FAQs    |      2019-04-30

Having problems with your deposit?

Please seek immediate assistance from our “Live Chat” support. Alternatively, you may write in to [email protected] with the following:-


  1. a selfie with hand held passport/ID
  2. active mobile number
  3. Huobi UID
  4. type of coin
  5. tx hash (txid)
  6. quantity
  7. deposit address
  8. tag number if required (for example, xrp, eos, bts & steem)


How to create a live chat?

Step 1) Click on the “Help” icon


Step 2) Click “Contact Us”




Step 3) Select “Live Chat”




Step 4) Choose a question type by clicking on the drop-down menu and include your Huobi UID and active phone number in the message box, then click “Start Chatting”.