HT Isolated Margin Trading launches 18:00 24 Feb 2020 (GMT+8)

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Dear users,

To increase the range of margin trading products and to meet HT holder margin trading demands, Huobi Global will launch HT/USDT Isolated Margin trading at 18:00 24th February 2020 (GMT+8), details as follows:

1. Margin Trading Pair: HT/USDT Isolated Margin Trading (more to be added in future)

2. Leverage: Up to 2x (subject to change)

3. Margin Interest Rate: Default (Per Hour Interest Rate =0.098% / 24 * Total Loan Quantity)

4. Benefits of HT Margin:
i. HT Collateral Assets: Users can transfer their HT assets from their Spot trading account (Exchange) to their Isolated Trading HT/USDT account as collateral. As margin balances count towards users' total HT balances, HT asset transfers to margin accounts normally do not impact users' HT positions in Prime, FastTrack and tiered fee rates; however, if liquidation occurs, deduction of fees and margin interests could impact users' HT positions. As such, kindly monitor and maintain your collateral positions at all times.

ii. HT Margin Loan Positions: HT loaned assets do not count towards users’ HT holdings as referenced for Prime, FastTrack and tiered fee rates, and do not enjoy HT airdrop benefits.

For Margin Trading FAQ, pls click here.

Gentle Reminder: Whilst proper execution of margin trades allows users to maximize their profit potential using a fraction of their asset holdings, it also increase users’ investment exposure with increased risk of losses should the market move in the wrong direction. Since large fluctuations in the price of digital assets are inevitable, users are requested to full understand the risks of margin trading and be prudent in their investment decisions.

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Enjoy your trading!

Huobi Global
February 21, 2020