Risk Reminder on Preventing the Fraud of Risk-free Arbitrage

 Latest News    |      2019-11-06

Dear users,

Recently, we have found that a Telegram group called “Huobi Global official risk-free arbitrage group (Chinese)” to commit frauds in the name of Huobi Global. Under the guise of "risk-free arbitrage", fraudsters induce users to transfer ETH into a specific wallet and then fraudsters will transfer the ETH to their own wallet. After that, they promise users to transfer fake "HT", which are not issued by Huobi, to defraud the users.

Huobi Global promises here that: We will not ask users for password, short message code and Google Authenticator code and other information, and has never launched a "risk-free arbitrage" campaign. For our campaigns, please refer to the official announcements. Huobi Global reminds you to be aware of and pay attention to identify frauds in other forms.

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Huobi Global
May 7, 2019